Important Information:

This version has now been shutdown and replaced with the updated SPAplatform versions of SPAstandard and SPAtracker

The new version of SPAstandard & SPAtracker is now on the SPAplatform and is new and improved! If you are reading this message you where still using the old version of SPAstandard and SPAtracker and its time to migrate to the new version to continue accessing SPAstandard & SPAtracker

If you think you already have a login to the new version you can Login Here

Please ask your school to get in contact with us if you were still using this version and they have not setup a new SPAplatform account. Migrating to the new system is FREE for all existing schools that have an active license.

Please do not fear though as you HAVE NOT LOST your data now this old version is shut down. We will be able to help you move your original files (that we have backed up) and transfer these to the new SPAplatform system. However, you won’t be able to log into this old version to analyse your data any longer.

How do you move your data over?
It's easy, just follow these two simple instructions.

Exporting Data Out Of the Old SPAstandard
Importing Data Into The New SPAstandard
Still having trouble? We are always happy to help. Contact us at or call us on 03 8658 2151